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How to Buy a Gun


Buying a gun online is easy, legal and private.  To us, the 3 best reasons for buying guns online are:

1.    Selection.

Our ecommerce site provides you 100’s of firearms and numerous other products to select from through our distributors.  You’ll have much more to choose from than that of your local gun store.

2.    Convenience

When shopping online (our ecommerce site), you don’t have to wait until your local gun store opens or rush to get there before they close after work, you choose the best time for you to shop.  Nobody standing behind you tapping their foot, waiting for you to get through bothering that poor customer service person so they can have their turn, you can just sit there in your PJ’s looking at all that lovely weaponry as long as you like, when you like.

3.     Privacy

Who will know about your purchase at your local gun store?  Who do you want to know is the better question?  You should be in control of who you tell about that new (or used but new to you) gun you just bought online…Right?  Even though it’s a BLAST to go to the local gun store and wait your turn to handle the firearms, there’s definitely something to be said for the freedom to look through all of those guns when you want, for as long as you want, where you want.

Here’s how easy it is to buy that special gun.

1.    Select the local FFL (usually a gun store) that you want to use to complete the transfer of your gun.  Confirm that they can and will do the transfer and how much they charge for that service. Have your chosen FFL email PS Guns & Ammo a signed copy of their license and their contact information so we can communicate with them to make the necessary arrangements.

2.    Select the gun(s) you want, add them to your shopping cart and check out, just like you’ve probably done numerous other times on other online stores.  The gun(s) will be shipped to your chosen FFL via ground freight and you will be emailed the tracking information.

3.    Once your chosen FFL contacts you to let you know that they’re ready for you to complete the transfer, confirm with them which documents (besides your state’s drivers license) you need to bring for the transfer.


Things to know & do:

a.     Remember, Due to Federal regulations, guns are not returnable. Thoroughly inspect your gun before starting the transfer to determine if there are any defects or damages.  If the gun is incorrect or damaged in shipment, do not take possession of the gun and please contact PS Guns & Ammo @ 970-507-0256. Once you complete the transfer you will be required to work directly with the manufacturer to handle any warranty issues or repairs, not PS Guns & Ammo.

b.    Fill out the necessary paperwork provided by your FFL and they will submit it for your NICS Check.  You MUST pass the NICS check before your FFL can transfer possession of the gun to you. Be sure to pay your FFL their Transfer Fee too.

c.     Keep in mind that some states require a waiting period between the date you pass your NICS check and the date you take possession of your gun.  Check with your FFL.  It’s your responsibility to know your local laws.

Finally, once you complete everything, be sure to walk out the door with your new gun and a BIG grin on your face, ready for years of shooting enjoyment.